Kids Classes

Supporting growth and well-being with Early Childhood Music Classes


Why choose music? It incorporates every part of the brain for development. They sing- using their language skills, they move-using their motor skills, they play instruments-using their eye-hand co-ordination, they watch you-you are their first and most important teachers. Make a great choice for your child.


Most importantly Simone’s Music Garden is about enjoying time with your child, and seeing them develop confidence, language and social skills. You will leave each session energized, with songs to sing and a smile on your face!


Meet other parents and children of similar ages, it is a great chance for your child to build social confidence in a fun environment and for you to meet other parents in the area.


Connect with your child, fun activities like these create special bonds between you and your child, let them lead and watch them grow with confidence!


Learn through music. Music is an amazing way to get the brain working and connecting and is an intrinsic part of early childhood development. Songs and Music are powerful learning tools, think about how you learned the alphabet!


Play musical instruments, sing songs and dance. Each program is packed with singing, dancing, playing with different instruments, fun and laughter. You also get to take home an instrument of your choice. Instruments are carefully chosen by Simone to be age- appropriate for your child.