Simone is the mum of a rapidly growing 9- year- old boy and is amazed at how much he sings, makes up silly rhymes and taps out beats in the car. She has a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education from Monash University and a Graduate Certificate in Special Education. In 2017 Simone completed her Master of Music Therapy through the University of Melbourne.

Simone has also done further training and in 2018 attending Dr John Carpente’s 3 day workshop on ASD and Music Therapy and the assessment tool he has developed. She also attended Rhythm to Recovery in 2019, a 2 day workshops run by Simon Faulkner, to support people who have experienced trauma and how to use drumming to support them. 2019, Simone also went to Australian Music Therapy National conference held in Melbourne and Play Therapy 2 day workshop run by Deakin University. 2020, Simone will be attending a workshop on Family Therapy with children who have special needs. All of the training helps Simone stayed focused and up to date with the latest information.

She has worked at the local kindergarten as both a 3 and 4-year-old teacher, for 9 years. In 2018 Simone worked at Mansfield Autism State-wide Services, as a Music Therapist. In 2018 she was a performing arts teacher at the local primary school grades 3-6 and her private practice began to grow. 2019 saw her private practice expand even more where she started early intervention classes, working with teens at a specialised school and joining the Carousel Music Therapy team bringing music therapy to aged care facilities where young children from the community join.

Since moving to Mansfield in 2004, Simone has taught music at both Merrijig and St. Mary’s Primary Schools, taught piano for over 20 students, taught 3- year old kindergarten in Alexandra and of course, has created Music Garden!

Being lucky enough to be brought up in a very musical family, Simone has played the piano and trumpet and sung in variety of choirs and musicals, from a very young age. She believes very strongly in the power of music and has seen many times through her years of teaching at kindergartens, and schools, how children can connect and relate to music.

Children are all different, their backgrounds, their families, their values and how children respond to the classes is also different. Some run in each week ready to sing and dance around, others take their time warming up and will observe from a safe spot until they are ready. With Simone’s teaching and musical experience, and music therapy skills, she is able to guide the children in a gentle, caring manner, helping both the child and the family, along the way.